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Traffic Safety Road Cone

The most common for road use is a two-part cone, where the base is made separately from the conical shaped top section. One piece cones are generally considered ‘cheap traffic cones’ and are made entirely from one piece of recycled PVC to save costs.

Our Company

Hangzhou Hengchi Traffic Information Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the whole process of design, research and development, production, sales and service of road traffic safety facilities (traffic signs, traffic cones, bollards, speed bumps, isolation columns, safety signs, rubber corner guards, road studs, guide markers, contour markers, light boxes, reflective mirrors, convex mirrors).

The company has strong custom development, production and assembly of the necessary talent, equipment resources, and the introduction of standardized production management system, the full and effective use of resources, talent advantages, R & D advantages, with high quality, a new image, to provide better service for the demand groups, the products sold are widely used in various areas of traffic safety (city roads, provincial highways, waterways, aviation landing zone, etc.), are excellent praise from customers, users, technical evaluation agencies.

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